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'''GLOW is a visualization for OWL ontologies, based on ''Hierarchical Edge Bundles''.'''
'''GLOW is a visualization for OWL ontologies, based on ''Hierarchical Edge Bundles''.'''

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GLOW is a visualization for OWL ontologies, based on Hierarchical Edge Bundles.

In the past decade, a lot of effort has been put into the visual representation of ontologies. However, present visualization strategies are not equipped to handle complex ontologies with many relations, leading to visual clutter and inefficient use of space.

In our paper, we propose GLOW, a method for ontology visualization based on Hierarchical Edge Bundles. Hierarchical Edge Bundles is a new visually attractive technique for displaying adjacency relations in hierarchical data, such as concept structures formed by `subclass-of' and `type-of' relations. The displayed adjacency relations can be selected from an ontology using a set of common configurations, allowing for intuitive discovery of information.

We have developed a visualization library based on OWL API, as well as a plug-in for Protégé, a well-known ontology editor. Our evaluation demonstrates that the GLOW visualization provides better visual clarity, and displays relations and complex ontologies better than the existing Protégé visualization plug-in Jambalaya.


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To contact the authors, please e-mail info@glowvis.org.

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